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Terror suspect has Muhammed prefix

Terror suspects have Muhammad prefix in their names, insult to Muhammad! Often muslims use a prefix “Muhammad” in their names to refer to their prophet who gave them if so called holy Quran, then why muslims use Muhammad prefix in their names and end up as terrorists or have connections to terrorists? Human common sense […]

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Happy Rohingya muslims

Myanmar: Teaching lessons to Muslims Amidst international pressure from only a few muslim nations, the strong buddhist nation Myanmar is fearlessly teaching DHARMIC lessons to intolerant and incorrigible muslim community within its boundaries. Myanmar is Teaching lessons to intolerant Muslims. Myanmar’s military intensified attacks on illiterate Rohingya Muslims on August 25, after dozens of police […]

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Unified Payments Interface (UPI) All about BHIM APP 1.    What is UPI? Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is an instant payment system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), an RBI regulated entity. UPI is built over the IMPS infrastructure and allows you to instantly transfer money between any two parties’ bank accounts. 2.   […]

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agnihotra mantra in Sanskrit

Agnihotra mantra in Sanskrit Agnihotra mantra in Sanskrit Download Word file for Agnihotra Mantra agnihotra mantra in Sanskrit

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dolphins in Ganga

Dolphins in Ganga A moment of good news for the Hindu readers and burnol moment for seculars and anti-nationals is that there has been a high rise of dophins in our most spiritual river GANGA. This rise in Dolphins in Ganga was seen just after the Clean Ganga mission conducted by our Honourable Prime Minister, […]

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DO YOU KNOW WHAT ‘RELIGION’ means? —————————————————— Religion means: to follow someone and his/her saying/writing be it right or wrong you must simply follow without questioning the saying/writing. Whereas Dharma is RIGHTEOUSNESS(to do right). So DHARMA ≠ RELIGION and all Religions ≠ DHARMA Example: A Dog in english = Kutta in Hindi because all the […]

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hindu problem

Hindu problem is they ignore Brahman and listen to anybody else(including Govt of India) This recent video has popped up which any Hindu(including some casual Brahmans) will surely like. Once you watch this video, please go through the remaining part of this article to know Brahman’s view point as well. Surely now you feel he […]

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Sad sport of 21st century

Sad Sports of 21st Century People Several modern day people proudly considered themselves as scientific and technology oriented geniuses belonging to 21st century. However in the blindness of technology they have forgotten that there is something biological organ called heart and it produces feelings which are invisible. One heart saddening incident is considered as sport […]

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benefits of cow

UNDERSTANDING THE ECONOMY OF FLESH TRADE The loss of not using our brain to think a little deeper is explained below in the economy of flesh trade. This is also one of the reason why people are given more entertainment doses via movies and ads which constantly use the terms like “cool raho yaaro”, “stay […]

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America Europe Christians Pagans

Is Xtains to America same as ISIS to Europe The present day European christians from Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, etc are crying fowl on the arrival of the ISIS as muslim invasion into their land. Is history repeating itself with the european majority community ? The same mentality of the christian community from europe […]