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Why PORN BAN is Good Move? Its Abuse, Addiction and Anti-Nature

*****GREAT JOB BY GOVT + SUPREME COURT,,,,STOPPED MENTAL BANGING******** THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH GOVT….. Men are losing interest in sex due to porn sites addiction. Though we thought we enjoyed watching porn, but gradually porn sites made us feel sex a “MERE” thing and look women like walking flesh/commodity. Now after porn ban, we will […]

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woman empowerment

Most Hindus may wonder as to what has knocked their doors and called their women out of houses for an empowerment training. It was the TV Ads repeatedly shown attacking Hindu mens’ minds to send their women for jobs and do not keep them inside houses. If not, the skin scavengers will then have to […]

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Schools and colleges are to be governed and run by the Principal and management staff of that institution. This model of administration is used by the Hindu society since the time the schools and colleges have come into picture. However, some institutions whose work affects the mindset of public harder and faster are being slowly […]

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Hindus must not just feel happy about terrorist Yakub’s hanging, but they must think on what next has to be achieved to be more happy. Hindus must set their next milestone to Tiger Memon, unfortunately his name is an insult to the brave tigers in the jungles. Since last 7 days, there is an environment […]

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sanskrit birthday song

Post british era, Hindus are reluctant to celebrate their and their children birthday in a residual christian fashion. Hindus do not like to simply orally repeat less worthy and less meaningful “Happy birthday to you, may god bless you” with a hesitant smile on their face. Cheers!!! Bring REAL SMILE on your face and REAL […]

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Hindu way of child carrying

Most of casual Hindus, simply for the sake that bigger personalities say that science is ahead of Hinduism, tend to agree them. This is called AUTHORITATIVE TEACHING/misuse of position. AUTHORITATIVE TEACHING – means getting to the power and start teaching wrong things(anti-hindu) for some money. We tend to accept non-sense as science and start following […]