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benefits of cow

UNDERSTANDING THE ECONOMY OF FLESH TRADE The loss of not using our brain to think a little deeper is explained below in the economy of flesh trade. This is also one of the reason why people are given more entertainment doses via movies and ads which constantly use the terms like “cool raho yaaro”, “stay […]

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Why PORN BAN is Good Move? Its Abuse, Addiction and Anti-Nature

*****GREAT JOB BY GOVT + SUPREME COURT,,,,STOPPED MENTAL BANGING******** THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH GOVT….. Men are losing interest in sex due to porn sites addiction. Though we thought we enjoyed watching porn, but gradually porn sites made us feel sex a “MERE” thing and look women like walking flesh/commodity. Now after porn ban, we will […]

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Schools and colleges are meant for Vidya Abhyas. Parents send their children to schools and colleges to get THE education which will help them grow and sustain life in future. However, parents do not know or do not interrupt the teachers and school management to see what information is being put in the young minds […]