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Terror suspect has Muhammed prefix

Terror suspects have Muhammad prefix in their names, insult to Muhammad! Often muslims use a prefix “Muhammad” in their names to refer to their prophet who gave them if so called holy Quran, then why muslims use Muhammad prefix in their names and end up as terrorists or have connections to terrorists? Human common sense […]

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agnihotra mantra in Sanskrit

Agnihotra mantra in Sanskrit Agnihotra mantra in Sanskrit Download Word file for Agnihotra Mantra agnihotra mantra in Sanskrit

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DO YOU KNOW WHAT ‘RELIGION’ means? —————————————————— Religion means: to follow someone and his/her saying/writing be it right or wrong you must simply follow without questioning the saying/writing. Whereas Dharma is RIGHTEOUSNESS(to do right). So DHARMA ≠ RELIGION and all Religions ≠ DHARMA Example: A Dog in english = Kutta in Hindi because all the […]

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hindu problem

Hindu problem is they ignore Brahman and listen to anybody else(including Govt of India) This recent video has popped up which any Hindu(including some casual Brahmans) will surely like. Once you watch this video, please go through the remaining part of this article to know Brahman’s view point as well. Surely now you feel he […]

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Chetan bhagat Lucky or Fishy

Fishy Chetan Bhagat IIT Mech Engg+MBA but a Book Writer ? Silent Secular Agents target and deviate youth from Hindutva concept. Being an IIT, Mech engineer, and an MBA graduate, what makes this chetan bhagat to write books and surprisingly all of his junk meaningless books become top sellers when they are launched, media says […]

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Quite interestingly, Hindus seem to be still sleeping to surprises like the old Anna Hazare movement in which big shots like Gen V K Singh, Kiran Bedi and Baba Ramdev were smoothly involved, squeezed and thrown away later. Yet again, a similar and more powerful phenomenon comes up in BJP’s own heart land. Quoting the […]

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Why PORN BAN is Good Move? Its Abuse, Addiction and Anti-Nature

*****GREAT JOB BY GOVT + SUPREME COURT,,,,STOPPED MENTAL BANGING******** THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH GOVT….. Men are losing interest in sex due to porn sites addiction. Though we thought we enjoyed watching porn, but gradually porn sites made us feel sex a “MERE” thing and look women like walking flesh/commodity. Now after porn ban, we will […]

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In Bharat the dominant faith of the Bharat’s people never had a power centre that dictated unreasonable dogmas and needed to be propped up by the state. Their faith was based on insights of the Rishis and on reason, intuition and direct experience. It expressed itself freely in a multitude of ways. Their faith was […]

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woman empowerment

Most Hindus may wonder as to what has knocked their doors and called their women out of houses for an empowerment training. It was the TV Ads repeatedly shown attacking Hindu mens’ minds to send their women for jobs and do not keep them inside houses. If not, the skin scavengers will then have to […]

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Newyork Times

The force of the Hindus is being felt day after day. The first Hindu effect was felt during the Yemen rescue mission when almost 28 nations ringed up our Bharat’s embassy to save their lives including the USA citizens stuck in Yemen. Yet again, due to the rhetoric decision taken by Bharat’s Supreme Court to […]