Something Fishy? Chetan Bhagat (IIT Mech Engg+MBA) but a Book Writer
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Fishy Chetan Bhagat IIT Mech Engg+MBA but a Book Writer ?

Silent Secular Agents target and deviate youth from Hindutva concept.
Being an IIT, Mech engineer, and an MBA graduate, what makes this chetan bhagat to write books and surprisingly all of his junk meaningless books become top sellers when they are launched, media says so. Isn’t it fishy Chetan Bhagat IIT Mech Engg+MBA but a Book Writer ?
As an IIT graduate what he must be doing was some work of an engineer and not a writer. And how amazing it is that he is more successful as book writer than an engineer in a time where people run around to acquire higher skills to make themselves safe in career.

His Target:
Who buys his books? Most of his followers are college grads and IT professionals who fall prey to his stupid story books with pathetic english quality.

chetan bhagat books and Interests:

Half Girl Friend – no parent in Bharat encourages children to keep girl friends then why such book has to be written?

A night at call center – why not a day at mandir ?

Indians want change but they are scared to take it – most secular minded agents start with this very phrase “India wants change” – putting his words into your mouth. Bharat is losing its cultural values and chetan talks the english way of giving it a change in such times.
Most of his books talk about silly, useless matters which hardly help any reader to gain knowledge of any sort. Recently his interests are slowly heading towards Anti-Hindu culture and encouraging students to show up courage against their culture to be more liberated sort of. No wonder why he has chosen to write books instead of doing any mechanical engineer’s task. Seems like IIT is damn easy for some people, so easy that they pursue and quit it just like that.

Political Motive
After gaining attention in the eyes of lakhs of readers, he diverted his followers to favour congress through his tweeter account. During the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, his tweeter accounts revealed that he was interested in politics as he clearly tweeted asking people which party he must join and he was interested to join Congress.

Some of his tweets are posted for complete reference and monitoring purposes.

Himself quit Engineering and teaching others to stick to domain

Himself quit Engineering and teaching others to stick to domain






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hypocritical decision

So he was a captive under 15 age?

So he was a captive under 15 age?





Relates Sanskrit and safety of women

Relates Sanskrit and safety of women

Jai Shri Ram

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