Christian Rahul Gandhi is guiding Hindu FTII students on religious/political topics
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Schools and colleges are to be governed and run by the Principal and management staff of that institution. This model of administration is used by the Hindu society since the time the schools and colleges have come into picture. However, some institutions whose work affects the mindset of public harder and faster are being slowly poisoned by inclining  them towards anti-national and anti-origins of Bharat.








The below video in which a christian speaker popularly known to be poster boy of Congress party is teaching students about what seems to be right for him. This christian person does not have any useful course material for the students to be taught. Rahul Gandhi clearly says “You are in politics, you just don’t realize you are in politics” infront of the students. He has been allowed to speak inside the classroom or so, ofcourse with the permission of the management of FTII on religious and national topics.

HINDU PARENTS MUST TAKE STRINGENT ACTION AGAINST SCHOOL/COLLEGE MANAGEMENTS if their children are being taught anything anti-Hindu and anti-national.

This anti-national teaching is just similar to that happened in CHINA’s Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 where a christian missionary school turned the chinese students against its own culture while they wanted to learn english language.

Education minister Smriti Irani has to take into consider no such political person enters any school or college premises for any surprise teaching without parent’s consent as there are Hindu students in majority of schools/colleges in Bharat. This is a direct breach of intellectual rights of students to gain proper knowledge.

Jai Shri Ram.

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