“Hardik Patel” Hindus Mislead and BJP’s failure
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Quite interestingly, Hindus seem to be still sleeping to surprises like the old Anna Hazare movement in which big shots like Gen V K Singh, Kiran Bedi and Baba Ramdev were smoothly involved, squeezed and thrown away later. Yet again, a similar and more powerful phenomenon comes up in BJP’s own heart land.

Quoting the Indian Express lines below on the Hardik Patel phenomenon

” If one were to enquire about Hardik Patel a couple of months ago, the counter enquiry would have been ‘Hardik who’? But today, if you do a quick online search and just type in ‘Hardik’, Patel is right up there too. That brings us to the question- what is this phenomenon called Hardik Patel. Is it the beginning of the Arab Spring of Gujarat or maybe a beginning of something huge to come across pan India? – See more at: http://indianexpress.com/article/blogs/what-is-this-phenomenon-called-hardik-patel/#sthash.YpBJJ7hg.dpuf  “

Hindus must careful observe as to what is being done using them and how they end up being used in the typhoon. There seems to be a very big agency even more bigger than the ex-funder Ford Foundation which is seeding, watering, protecting and projecting anti-national agenda through the local support.

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These tricks are very old that were experimented in the west some 100 years ago and which are being tried on the Bharat’s Soil to test the waters and if succeeded then rule Bharat for another 100 years.

Hope Hindus stop getting carried away by emotion and use their mind to investigate the hidden agenda.

Now its time for Hindus to question BJP’s failure on this issue to curb it at initial stages and avoid future riots in any part of Bharat.

The earlier Anna movement was done under the brand of “Corruption” and this time the same AAP has used a different brand called “Samaj” to promote its anti-national agenda.

Why was this not reported and not monitored by BJP ?

Each such failure of present BJP Govt. will result in distress in the peaceful Hindu society, which will not be tolerated going forward.

Jai Shri Ram



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