Hindu problem is they ignore Brahman and listen to anybody else
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Hindu problem is they ignore Brahman and listen to anybody else(including Govt of India)
This recent video has popped up which any Hindu(including some casual Brahmans) will surely like. Once you watch this video, please go through the remaining part of this article to know Brahman’s view point as well.

Surely now you feel he is right and you are convinced by this person’s view point, so start reading the below

I am a BRAHMAN and I DO NOT AGREE TO THIS GUY’s non-sense. I will prove why it is non-sense and irrelevant to HINDUS.


1. ALWAYS LISTEN TO A BRAHMAN(that too a knowledged BRAHMAN called Pandit) and DO NOT EVEN LISTEN TO YOUR OWN CASTE PEOPLE. Simply because we must always refer to someone who has achieved above us. For example: BRAHMINS listen to Rishis and Munis who are above them. And Rishis and munis listen to Gods who are above them. So this is the THUMB RULE.

2. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY HINDU or NON-HINDU WHO HAS STAYED OUTSIDE + SPEAKS AGAINST YOUR SYSTEM because our value system is based on agriculture(slow growth), nature, love, slow and comfortable life style. The western value system is based on money, machines, hurry life style, luxury, pleasure, etc. Please understand that SLOW DOES NOT MEAN BAD and FAST DOES NOT MEAN GOOD.

=> These 3 thumb rules will avoid you from getting mislead for life time.

Coming to this person’s background
1. Firstly he has left his motherland since a long time and has not returned to work with people here.
2. Second why he has not preferred to stay in Bharat and improve people’s life?
3. Everybody can give speech of improvement.
4. He did not answer if Hindus are cowards or not. Cowardliness can be tested during WAR and not social work.
5. He is the Director of Religious Education Council of England and Wales. SO APPLY THUMB RULE 2
6. He says poor are not helped in Bharat. Which is wrong. There is a limit to everything. Providing all facilities to a poor will destroy him. He will never learn the hard way to become rich. My family was poor (during my grandfather n father’s youth time frame, just 30yrs before). My entire family used to feed on just 1 roti per day divide by 6 brothers. Now we are rich, through hard work. FACILITIES KILL YOUR ABILITY TO WORK HARD. This is Truth which this person does not know.

Next let us see the Christian background which most Hindus do not know because of distorted History books.

0. Christians created artificial DROUGHT / FAMINE in Bharat and killed several Hindus. Why christians did not see poor?
1. They loots our nation and other nations and are still looting. This poor guy is blinded by their facilities.
2. They manipulate and devalue other nations’ currency so that they get their work done easily.
3. Please read the horrific story of NERO, a prisoner who was burned LIVE to light up a party of the RICH PEOPLE in the evening when there was a power cut.
4. Hindus do not know about Rothschild – the king of frauds
5. Child molestation in churches
6. Sisters and nuns do not give back orphan children to some non-child parents in christian missionary orphanages in Bharat.
7. Christian missionaries fund heavily for GMO (Genetically Modified Food)
8. Opportunists and murderers who set up Hindu muslim fights over beef eating. Sepoy mutiny was the start of it.
9. Christians divided our motherland for their own benefit and created pakistan for continued destruction of Bharat till today, and this idiot says they are excellent.
11. ALL TIME DRINKARDS, they give non-sense reason that due to cold they drink,,,,Kashmiri pandits also lived in cold, they never consumed alcohol.
12. Drug peddlers. Visit Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark hindus will come to know the fact.
13. Good planners of destruction. They look around and find weak countries to destroy them. Example, 7 years long war between Iraq and Iran(small countries) was setup by the same Christians.
14. Christians from UK and europe invaded American native people called PAGANS and murdered them mercilessly, and this speaker spits on Hindus.
15. BURNED ALIVE 3000 brahmans in Goa.
16. Threw eggs and non-veg inside water wells so that Brahmans cannot use that water for pooja.
17. Christians abused Hindu women in Bharat for their desires.
18. Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing was done on Japan for EXPERIMENT PURPOSE, and this person is teaching Hindus.
19. Christians waged war against small nations for colonization, such as Vietnam war and present Syrian war.
20. 1989 Chinese Tiananmen square 4000 school children killing was result of christian missionary work, this person gives bullshit to hindus.
21. Christians funded muslims to break Russia
22. Christians broke Bharat
23. Christians broke ISRAEL
24. Christians set war between Iraq and Iran
25. Christians release Viruses into South Africa every year and so that they can sell anti-virus medicine and make money
26. Christians killed their own people by drowning TITANIC SHIP to claim insurance money

The person in this video is blinded by the facilities given to him in UK. He must turn his speech into actions else do not simply point fingers at Hindus. Meanwhile, its the duty of every Hindu to find a highly knowledged Brahman and try to know more about life and remember to apply the 3 thumb rules.


Jai Shri Ram

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