Hindu Vi-gyan Vs Western A-gyan(science)
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Most of casual Hindus, simply for the sake that bigger personalities say that science is ahead of Hinduism, tend to agree them. This is called AUTHORITATIVE TEACHING/misuse of position.

AUTHORITATIVE TEACHING – means getting to the power and start teaching wrong things(anti-hindu) for some money.

We tend to accept non-sense as science and start following it. The results of such blind following leads to great discomfort and miserable life. After prolonged misery, the miserable uncomfortable zone in which we live makes us feel the misery is good until someone with Hindutva knowledge explains the problems with secular life style.

See for instance, the below image explains as to which way of life is chosen by certain secular elements for some backdoor fees.

Hindu way of child carrying

Hindu way of child carrying

Atleast for their kids’ sake seculars and Hindu haters must start following Hindutva.

Jai Shri Ram

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