Hindus must not just feel happy about terrorist Yakub’s hanging
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Hindus must not just feel happy about terrorist Yakub’s hanging, but they must think on what next has to be achieved to be more happy. Hindus must set their next milestone to Tiger Memon, unfortunately his name is an insult to the brave tigers in the jungles.

Since last 7 days, there is an environment created by the media in the minds of Bharatiya Hindu readers about Yakub’s death sentence. Hindus are all busy wasting their VALUABLE time in the news that is being thrown upon them from all media presstitues for last 7 days(amounts to 7x24x60 = 10080 minutes of their running life). Below are some of the blood boiling points made by presstitutes and some self declared eminent personalities over the last few days as samples to be avoided and have intensified their efforts to divert the TIME of Hindus towards their biased messages.

Samples of Media Menace like street side monkey grabbing Hindu attention and wasting Hindu time:

Sign mercy petition








Indian Express











1. Owaisi’s religious backed comment, which cannot be heard by people was floated by media, hence public became busy in non-sense.

2. Film industry self declared eminent people like Nasiruddin, Mahesh Bhutt, Salman and others views on the terrorist was also floated by media, hence public became busy in non-sense.

3. Presstitute Comments made in twitter feeling sad about Yakub’s hanging, will surely boil Hindu blood and spoil Hindu health.

4. Politician views such as from Sitaram Yechuri(christian), Digvijay , Owaisi was floated by media and hence public became busy in non-sense.

Points that help us save our time and energy:

1. Do not pay much attention to presstitues over FB & Twitter comments. Supreme Court’s decision must be used as final reference and that must be verified too till the execution of the order. Wrong Intention Words(WIW) when read can hurt your sentiments and can cause severe damage to your health(mind and body together).

2. Do not discuss, share with others any WIW articles. Set small goals and achieve them one after another. Do not throw stones at all barking dogs in your way.

Jai Shri Ram.

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