I am Bold & Empowered, to show valor or glamour?
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Most Hindus may wonder as to what has knocked their doors and called their women out of houses for an empowerment training. It was the TV Ads repeatedly shown attacking Hindu mens’ minds to send their women for jobs and do not keep them inside houses. If not, the skin scavengers will then have to fight against the Hindu men physically to seek Hindu women which will be seen like an open attack in the eyes of the world. The immediate best step to get the women out of Hindu houses is to teach the men and make them feel ashamed of holding their women back in house, as a mark of cultural deficiency.

Who would accompany the foreign scavengers in achieving such goal? Its the local spoiled men who can join to form a bigger body and step into government positions and allow promotion of Ads like Saksksharta Mission of girls. Blind innocent Hindus felt ashamed of keeping their girls inside their houses because they did not get enough time and idea to find a good Hindu shiksha kendra around their locality. Please have a look at the images of a Hindu girl who is now enough bold and empowered after they stepped out of houses into training centers like schools and colleges.

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Wear a 3rd class torn dress like this girl, it shows what she treats herself as.

Whereas you see any queen, you can understand what she treats herself as.

Thanks to the western news agencies in Bharat, who have empowered Hindu women to be “Bold and Empowered”. Now woman are enough bold and empowered just in terms of exposing their body. There is nothing that the men have to feel interested in their women. The essence of womanhood is removed. However, the same boldness does not come out in atleast shouting slogans against criminals such as the nirbhaya case. If girls of these kind feel they are bold and empowered, they must show the same thing on our national border against Bharat’s enemies.

Some of our historical bold and empowered women who fought the whites are shown below:

Maharani_Jindan_ Kaur










Kittur Rani











Rani Jhansi

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