Myanmar: Teaching lessons to Muslims
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Myanmar: Teaching lessons to Muslims

Amidst international pressure from only a few muslim nations, the strong buddhist nation Myanmar is fearlessly teaching DHARMIC lessons to intolerant and incorrigible muslim community within its boundaries. Myanmar is Teaching lessons to intolerant Muslims.

Myanmar’s military intensified attacks on illiterate Rohingya Muslims on August 25, after dozens of police and border outposts in the western state of Rakhine came under attack by an armed nomadic muslim group, which is said to be violating the buddhist rules and regulations while living in Myanmar.

The violent muslim community had already been under a military siege in Rakhine since October 2016. The government used a militant attack on border guards back then to enforce the crackdown on the violence caused by Islamic illiterate muslims. The Rohingya had already been subject to communal violence by extremist Muslims for years. Myanmar’s military action is upheld by the UN for doing the righteous action to protect their native Buddhist people’s interests and stopping the crimes of Rohingya muslims, who are considered by the UN as the “most deadly minority group in the world.”

According to a report a few 20 muslims were arrested by Myanmar police and were later released on bail. No injuries were caused to the extremist muslims with laser sharp weapons in their arms. This is a clear indication of Buddhist humanity towards muslim community which is appreciable by the world. Myanmar is keeping Happy Rohingya muslims.

Myanmar has asked Iranian government to receive their muslim brothers to Iran as a token of love towards Rohingya muslims in Buddhist Myanmar.

The British Foreign Agency, insisted the muslims and called for the violence to end, and termed muslim violence as “besmirching the reputation of Islam”, also known as Religion of Peace.

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