Schools and Colleges are becoming Anti-Hindu information centers
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Schools and colleges are meant for Vidya Abhyas. Parents send their children to schools and colleges to get THE education which will help them grow and sustain life in future. However, parents do not know or do not interrupt the teachers and school management to see what information is being put in the young minds of their children.

School and colleges

Firstly, readers must understand what it is anti-Hindu? Anti-Hindu in a nutshell = anti-nature. Being anti-nature is in a way anti-Hindu. Anti-Hindu has other definitions too, which are out of scope of this topic.

Here is a fact of WRONG INFORMATION and SCARE FEEDING ACT that are done.

Hindu children in the schools and colleges are becoming victim of MARKETING agents who visit the colleges to promote their anti-hindu(=anti-nature) services. These services are DEAD ANTI-NATURE in their concept and its use on our mind and body. Once the students get a taste of such products/services they are forced to use these services by virtue of the nature of the drugs used in their products.

For instance,

Some Potato Chips MNC Company advertised themselves as below:

हम पानी पूरी का नया ब्रांड खोल रहे है|
आप रास्ते पे बिकने वाला पानी पूरी खाओगे तो बीमार पड़ जाओगे| वो लोग गंदा पानी इस्तेमाल करते है|
कुछ बीमार लोगों के चित्र भी इस म न सी ने दिखाए और बच्चो को डराया| चित्र दिखाते समय इस म न सी ने बताया की ये मरीज़ रास्ते का पानी पूरी खा खा के बीमार हो गया| और एक बीमार मरीज़ का चित्र दिखा के बोले “ये भी बाहर का पानी पूरी खा के बीमार पड़ा है और ना जाने कब मरेगा”.
हमारे यहा एक दम स्वच पानी पूरी बनाते है| क्यों आप गंदा पानी पूरी खा के 50,000 रुपय इलाज में अगाना चाहते हो? हमारा पानी पूरी स्वच्छ पानी पूरी खाओ सिर्फ़ 50 रुपय प्लेट|

What was wrong in the above?

1. Schools and Colleges are NOT marketing centers for promotion of products and services.

2. Schools and Colleges have dedicated syllabus for teaching the students.

3. Schools and Colleges are not supposed to feed our children anything outside of Govt approved syllabus. Parents will give Hindu life style knowledge to their children.

4. Since the school/college managements are fully involved in supporting the MNCs, its the responsibility of the students to alert their parents immediately about anything new that is happening with them.

5. Hindu parents must leave their jobs for 2-3hrs and quickly visit their children to see what wrong is being taught?

6. Parents must not pay high fees and get admission of their children in English medium schools. CHOOSE GURUKULs.

7. Road side Pani puri vendors are HINDUs and its their daily business which these MNCs target to shutdown. People have been consuming pani puri daily without any health issues. WE AS HINDUs MUST NOT CHOOSE FOREIGN SELLERS WHICH AFFECT OUR LOCAL BUSINESSES.


8. FALLING ILL = NATURAL and not falling ill = anti-nature. Whenever human body falls ill, the internal immune system is under attack. This automatically initiates an anti-attack system from within. Immune system fights back the invasion and restores the body back and in much better resistance ability. When we consume MNC food products, they put chemicals which kill our immune system once for all. Beware!

(this does not mean one has to invite diseases. However, our Hindu pani puri vendors have been more kind than Maggi to give very nice quality pani puri, since ages).

pani puri vendor

Jai Shri Ram

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